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No matter the weather adequate tread depth is a primary safety requirement for all vehicles. The role of a tyres tread is to clear water from the road to keep the vehicle in contact with the road and providing grip. The lower the tread the lower the grip. The legal limit on tread depth is 1.6mm.

Underinflated or overinflated tyres can also have a serious effect on grip as it causes the tyre to lose its shape and lowers the contact between the car and the road. Pressures should remain at the manufacturers recommended settings.

It’s essential that you ensure all tyres are in good condition and you adjust your driving to the conditions of the road.

Tread depth
-If your tyres are below 2mm, consider whether it is worth risking waiting rather than replacing them
-If you don’t have a tread depth gauge, use a 20p coin as a guide – insert the coin at three points across the tread pattern and at various point around the circumference. If you can see the border at any point, have a professional check them
-The legal limit for cars, vans and all vehicles below 3.5 tons is 1.6mm. A potential £2500 fine and three penalty points can be applied on each tyre found to be below those limits

Air pressure
-Are all tyres at the vehicle manufacturer’s recommended settings?
-Settings can be found in the owner’s handbook, in the door shut or fuel filler cap

-Tyres should be free of lumps, bumps, cuts and cracking – if you see these, have them checked by a professional
-If you slide and the tyres hit an object like a kerb, check it before your next journeys to ensure it has not been damaged, which may result in a bulge, for example

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your falken tyres

Protect your tyres and get complete piece of mind. If any of your Falken tyres are damaged beyond repair, the defective tyre will be replaced and you will only be charged for the proportion of the tread that you have already used.