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If you are unsure of what any of the writing means on your tyre it could leave you confused. However, it is actually pretty simple.

Tyre markings are used to identify the features and the specification on the tyre, as the tyre is the only point of contact with the road it is crucial when replacing your tyres to get the right size and specification of tyre.

The writing of the sidewall of the tyre relates to that tyre to find the information which relates to the manufacturers specification try looking in the vehicle handbook, inside the glove box door or written in the drivers doorway.

To find the size of your tyre look for a short sequence of letters and numbers which look similar to this: 205/55R16 91V

Lets break it down to explain what that means:

“205” represents the tyres width in mm from sidewall to sidewall

“55” is the profile which is the height of the sidewall

“R” is the construction of the tyre R is the most common which means radial construction where the cords extend across the casing in a radial direction.

“16” is the diameter of the rim in inches.

“95” is the load rating this is the maximum capacity of a car for example a load index of 95 means a max load weight of 690kg/tyre.

“V” is the speed rating this is the maximum speed the tyre can sustain. For example V means the tyre can sustain up to 149 miles an hour.

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your falken tyres

Protect your tyres and get complete piece of mind. If any of your Falken tyres are damaged beyond repair, the defective tyre will be replaced and you will only be charged for the proportion of the tread that you have already used.