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The underside of your car is vulnerable because it has the least protection from stones and gravel which can cause damage. When the roads are gritted in winter the risk of corrosion increases. However, there are steps you can take to protect this part of your vehicle. Here a few reasons why protecting the underside can save you money later down the line.

Rust can start underneath the car.
Rust can start from under the car and spread over the chassis leading to extensive damage and causing your car to become unsafe meaning it is more likely to fail its MOT. Repairing rust as soon as possible will stop it spreading to other parts

Liquids and grit can cause corrosion creating holes and damaging the metal structure of your car. Check this over the winter months especially and regularly clean. If you can keep your car in a garage when you aren’t using it to reduce potential corrosion.

Bumps and Potholes in the Road
It is likely that you will encounter bumps and speed bumps in the road. Hitting a pothole at speed could impact the framework underneath the car such as the suspension and exhaust. If you hear a noise when going over a speedbump this could be the underside of your car hitting the surface of the road, reduce your speed when approaching any bumps in the road to avoid repair costs.

The underside of your car is important and should be checked regularly like other components to the car, to avoid costly repairs and ensuring it passes its MOT. Ensuring no rust or corrosion is affecting the underside of your car will help it stay in tip top condition.

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